WDYT School

At WDYT School, we don't just ask 'What Do You Think?' We make sure you leave knowing everything!Welcome to the new age school where education transcends tradition and the journey of discovery begins. We're firm believers that learning isn't limited to classrooms but seeps into every facet of existence. Our mission? To nurture curiosity and fuel the flames of lifelong learning in every individual. We empower each and every one of you to dive headfirst into exploration, uncovering new horizons and leaving with a profound grasp of the world around you. From startups to careers, and life as such, we nurture holistic growth. Join us in crafting a world where curiosity knows no bounds and enlightenment is the norm.

About the Founder

Hello, I'm Lavanya, a Mompreneur driven by a mission to revolutionize conventional education. With over 17 years of experience in a Fortune 500 Company, I've come to recognize the shortcomings of traditional schooling in equipping students for the dynamic world ahead. This personal journey has enlightened me to the disparity between passive absorption and active critical thinking. Consequently, I've dedicated myself to preparing my own children for the challenges of tomorrow. Enter WDYT School, an initiative aimed at instilling these invaluable skills in your children too.

Course Advisors

Our premier entrepreneurship course for kids is meticulously designed through a collaborative effort with seasoned corporate professionals and entrepreneurs, boasting a collective experience of 100+ years in both renowned startups and MNC's. A shared sentiment among our esteemed advisors is that while traditional schooling lays a sturdy groundwork, it frequently lacks the ability to spark innovative thinking. We staunchly advocate that success in today's world transcends mere academic prowess, and our curriculum is intricately crafted to instill this mindset in young learners.

Course Benefits

- Fosters critical thinking
- Identifying and solving problems
- Enhances communication skills
- Cultivates a growth mindset
- Teaches goal setting & achievement
- Instills work ethic & grit
- Promotes independent thinking
- Develops observation & awareness
- Unleashes imagination
- Groundwork for financial literacy
- Apply learnings to real-world
The course aims to instill foundational skills for success in the real world during children's formative years, rather than solely focusing on entrepreneurship.

Modules & Concepts

- Entrepreneurship fundamentals
- Qualities of successful entrepreneurs
- World's biggest companies
- Problem-solving concepts
- Identifying new business ideas
- Pricing and product value
- Marketing and branding
- Startups' economic impact
- Creating simple business plans
- Relating to local businesses
- Leveraging skills and passion
- Holistic definition of success
- Teamwork advantages

Enrol Your Kid!

Some learnings are conceptual in nature and possess a timeless relevance that transcends the boundaries of time and specific contexts. These enduring concepts are valuable because they provide a foundation upon which individuals can build their understanding of the world and make informed decisions throughout their lives.Copyright & Trademark 2024 - WDYT